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1. Accent Composer - Keyboard Utility 2.05 Accent Composer simplifies the process of typing accented characters and other symbols into Windows programs. It lets you enter any character, in any program, with an easy-to-remember sequence of keystrokes. To create an accented character simply... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: keyboard , accents , accented Characters , foreign , special Characters , symbols , diacritic , umlaut , diaeresis , dieresis , cedilla , hachek

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1. Type International Characters 2.0 ... Breve, A Ogonek, C Cedilla, C Acute Accent, C ... Breve, G Dot, G Cedilla, H Circumflex, H Bar ... Ligature, J Circumflex, K Cedilla, L Cedilla, L Stroke, N Tilde, N Acute Accent, N Cedilla, N Hacek, O Grave ... DetailsDownload 

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